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COVID-19  (Novel Coronavirus)

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I will keep posting COVID-19 information as a means of tracking the progression of the disease through society and at the local level here in Northern Virginia. It helps me to stay aware of useful and productive info to make good decisions. First up today is a request I received from Andrew Robineau of The Mesothelioma Center (Asbestos.com).

It’s a free health site dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information for cancer patients and family members. They have published a guide on dealing with anxiety related to the coronavirus and how patients/caregivers can manage their levels of stress during this difficult time:

Guide to Coronavirus for Cancer Patients
Older adults with cancer and chronic illness have the highest risk for developing severe complications from COVID-19. Knowing how to prepare and protect yourself against the virus could make all the difference for you and your family. 

Tracking COVID-19: Cases = Then 100 (1/9/20) – 307,000 (3/21/20) – 439,000 (3/25/20) – 786,000 (3/30/20) – 1,088,000 (4/3/20) – 1,514,900/ Deaths 89,000 (4/8/20) – 2,737,000/ Deaths 192,125 4/24/20

Tracking COVID-19 in Fairfax County, Virginia

Number of health cases in Fairfax County

COVID-19 Fairfax VA Charts

COVID-19 in Virginia http://www.vdh.virginia.gov/coronavirus/ 

Virginia Hospital COVID-19 Dashboard – Combined number of confirmed positive COVID-19 patients who are currently hospitalized, and hospitalized patients whose COVID-19 test results are pending.

Fairfax County COVID-19 Prediction tool from Andology.com

Fairfax county VA – Corona_Virus_CoVID-19_Virus_Prediction_Tool_v4.0_GLOBAL

Learn More https://tonyteolis.com/covid-19 for more resources


April 24, 2020

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