5 Garden Hacking Secrets For The Suburbs

5 Garden Hacking Secrets For The Suburbs

4 ways to grow food indoors

harvest often with permaculture

4 Ways To Automate Food Production

5 Garden Hacking secrets For the Suburbs - Slides

5 Garden Hacking Secrets For The Suburbs


How and why I began gardening and continue to this day. Explained in an easy to understand and plan manner. Click the link for a sneak peak. 5 Garden Hacking Secrets For The Suburbs

5 Garden Hacking Secrets For The Suburbs consists of the 5 Secrets each presented in a 5 module course with 6 lessons per course. First of all, they are what has worked for me in Northern Virginia and I presume would work for most of USDA zone 7 b. Here they are!

Secret I: Grow what you eat

  1. Freedom and growing your own food – start with compost
  2. Make Gardens With Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables And Honey Bees
  3. Annual vegetables
  4. Perennial fruit and vegetables
  5. How to harvest food you grow

Secret II. Grow Indoors

  1. Quickest start
  2. Healthy benefits
  3. Options include sprouts, microgreens, and hydroponics
  4. Year-round harvests
  5. Low initial set up cost and maintenance

Secret III. Plan for the long-term

  1. Use Permaculture as a guide
  2. Features of long-term gardens
  3. Most important tools for gardens in the suburbs
  4. Garden design and sustainability basics
  5. Supplies on the cheap

Secret IV. Automate

  1. Calendar of plant cycles and record keeping
  2. Dangers timing things just right
  3. Water the right amount keeps changing
  4. Seeding to keep the cycle going
  5. Timers, hoses, and supplies on the cheap
  6. Sowing and reaping 

Secret V. Attract and provide for pollinators and animals

  1. Deer and other bad things are coming no matter what
  2. Honey bees
  3. Mason bees
  4. Carpenter bees, butterflies
  5. Pollinator gardens with bee balm, butterfly bush, buckwheat, clover, sunflower and more
  6. Project feeder watch for health and migration monitoring of birds

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