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Front Yard Permaculture

Its been 3 Years since I tried to grow in the front yard. For more on that visit Episode-55- Grow Food Not Lawns But Not In The Front Yard  Since I’ve learned so much especially about swales and guilds and birds and bees and flowers and butterflies in the backyard it’s time to turn on the green in the front yard. After years of practice and learning the food forest expands and makes use of a barren piece of land. Here is part 1 of an imagined land of life and beauty.

fruit tree guild

Peach Tree Guild

Front yard food forest beginnings Part 1

The trees arrived on Friday from in Georgia and I was not ready for them. Soon I got ready and had to hussle to put the ideas in action. I’ve had enough reflection over the winter that aI knew I’d need space inthe front yard. i jsut didn’t want to talk about it to anyone. Especially after what happened last time. Episode-55- Grow Food Not Lawns But Not In The Front Yard  The key was how can I best plant these trees with the resources on hand and in as little time as possible. The next four days were to be especially temperate. Just enough for the trees to take hold before another winter onslaught.

As best I could I layer out a 3 sided C shaped swale. I then covered the swampy marshy grass with cardboard. An area of 9 foot x 5 foot then emerged out layers of composted flowers from last fall, twigs and beaches, 5 bags each of topsoil, hummus/manure, 2 bags of red mulch, 18 foot drip hose, 25 foot blue hose, some lime, all purpose plant food. All raked over and sprinkled heavily with rye, hairy vetch, and red crimson. The planting area is raised 6-8 inches off the level and the swale sides are designed for water flow to the center of this three sided pool. Each swale is about 4 inches deep and 3 inches wide. The belle of Georgia peach and shinko pear will grow well together here above the pool which will expand with all forms of life. An oasis in a front yard formerly full of grass.

I think I put this together tastefully enough that it can pass the standard conformity. This island of fortitude and promise will harbor many wantful eyes. Three big edges in the middle of a grassy wasteland. Visions of butterflies, birds, bees of all sorts and billions of life forms under the top, in between and all around. Now on to the backyard.

Front Yard Mini Food Forest Part 2




April 12, 2020

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