Fairfax County VA COVID-19 4-30-20

Jogging in Place

There is no hiding from COVID-19. Stay at home orders are intended to lessen hospital loads. As social distancing lessens the health care system risk remains. Normalcy return when the reproducibility rate of COVID-19 gets closer to 1.

Up to 80 percent of our population will have to be exposed to the virus until most people are exposed to COVID-19 and there is a vaccine  Under normal flu circumstances, this would not be so daunting a task. However, a careful review of the differences between COVID-19 and the seasonal flu are listed below. It clearly validates the actions taken at the Federal, State, and Local government levels. Especially in a fluid data collection and control environment.

It is good to shelter and stay safe if circumstances permit. If for nothing else to make it forward to the next wave and what may come forth.  

Fairfax County VA updates

The more I considered the charts from the previous post the more I needed a higher level view by comparing with the total population of Fairfax County VA. 

COVID-19 Fairfax VA Charts

The charts below show the impact of COVID-19 across the population of Fairfax County VA. So far. This provides a more complete picture of the COVID-19 spread in Fairfax County VA to date. 

1,148,000 inhabitants in the county

Careful the wrath of exponential growth

It appears that the infection across the entire population is extremely tiny and that can lead to a sense of security. Whether false or not, security is dependent on our behaviors. Our actions now and will create the future landscape of COVID-19 in Fairfax County VA. 

Question of the day:

Do we have a saturation of 20% of the population already based on test results from New York and US statistics?

Fairfax County VA switched to a Johns Hopkins model for their display which updates more regularly. It also requires more screenshots to accurately compare the past to the present for future projections and conjecture. 


May 1, 2020

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