COVID-19  (Novel Coronavirus)

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First up today is a request I received from Andrew Robineau of The Mesothelioma Center (

It’s a free health site dedicated to providing the most up-to-date information for cancer patients and family members. They have published a guide on dealing with anxiety related to the coronavirus and how patients/caregivers can manage their levels of stress during this difficult time:

Guide to Coronavirus for Cancer Patients
Older adults with cancer and chronic illness have the highest risk for developing severe complications from COVID-19. Knowing how to prepare and protect yourself against the virus could make all the difference for you and your family.

Tracking COVID-19: Cases = Then 100 (1/9/20) – 307,000 (3/21/20) – 439,000 (3/25/20) – 786,000 (3/30/20) – 1,088,000 (4/3/20) – 1,514,900/ Deaths 89,000 (4/8/20) – 2,737,000/ Deaths 192,125 4/24/20

Coronavirus government response CDC now advising Americans wear non-medical masks


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Why you must act now – Public leaders & health officials: The only thing that matters right now is the speed of your response.


Coronavirus: The Solution Is Becoming Clear

Welcome to the Million Mask Challenge Virginia/DC/Maryland! A group of craftivists helping to organize the effort to make facemasks to protect healthcare providers and others fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Their facebook page is a good place to seek help and discuss this effort.

I lived in Japan for a long time and don’t need to be convinced about the effectiveness of keeping one’s emissions to oneself.

wear a mask

Wear a mask! It doesn’t have to be N-95 to protect others from you.


Grow Food For Tomorrow


Learn / Prepare/Listen to the Doctors

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