Grow Your Own Food to Become Healthy and Wise

ON MY TO DO LIST TODAY IS:  Putting cover crops on the new hugelkultur garden beds and all other beds. Mulching for the winter.

  • Feeling all good and proud from Episode-17- How to build a hugelkultur (“Hoogle Culture”) raised bed.
  • Now how am I going to keep it from falling apart?
  • Jason Aikers of The Self Sufficient Gardener gives a great explanation of cover crops in Episode 124 of the The Self Sufficient Gardener podcast. 
  • Jack Spirko kept talking abou it. EPISODE-466 
  • How I used to cover my gardens. Why?
  • What motivated me to cover my crops now
  • How I got the seeds. How quickly I got them. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
  • Perfectly timed for rain, warmth and leaving for a few days
  • The work/labor required
  • How to sow cover crops
  • Watering
  • What it looks like now
  • What I expect in the spring
  • Other mulching I have done with just leaves
  • More cover crops for the spring
  • Gardening – Turning the home into a homestead and business.
  • Why growing your own food makes you free

This certainly must seem like an awful lot of work for something we won’t be able to harvest for 8 to 9 more months. But whatever fruits and vegetables you buy from the store or anywhere else don’t take any less time to grow. If you’re not buying locally grown fruits and vegetables from a farmers market or growing your own you are reliant on a complex system to provide you with sustenance. At what point does this become too expensive for you? How many people and unclean machines have a hand in the production of the food that appears on your dining room table? How much are those systems reliant on other systems like the oil complex to make food appear in the grocery stores? These and other questions lead me to believe that food only becomes more expensive from here. Let me say that again. What you depend on everyday to get by is dependent on strangers and strange systems and your sacrifice of liberty is worse than what we experience when we have to take our shoes off at the airport. The more dependent we become the more we are forced to pay the piper for the going price. As food becomes more expensive I have chosen to take control of what I can. It’s not much but it is so much more than zero.

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August 18, 2020

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