COVID-19 Stats and Protection Production Update

January 26, 2020 is when the cycle began for me as a danger unlike I have ever experienced loomed on the horizon. A black mass that was not going to slow. After a careful watch of Chris Martenson’s video that day I knew the world had changed and it greatly pained me. The family business prepared me to help others but this was all of us all at once. Denial and isolation; Anger; Bargaining; Depression; Acceptance. Don’t deny it, don’t reget it, be prepped for it.

The present is not a surprise but saddens me more because of the total global shock. Too many people don’t pay attention. Please take care of others and cover your face, eyes, nose, and mouth. Pay attention and help. This will last a while and there will be no clear victory unless our brains start leading our asses. Get aware and get involved and don’t leave it to others.


Tracking COVID-19: *Cases = 100 (1/19/20) – 307,000 (3/21/20) – 439,000 (3/25/20) – 786,000 (3/30/20) – 1,088,000 (4/3/20) – 1,514,900/ Deceased 89,000 (4/8/20)

*data is highly suspect due to late acceptance of asymptomatic carriers

Improved Mask Production Plans

Learn and Prepare

Listen to the Doctors

Learn More

Make Your Own Face Mask In 45 Seconds from the Surgeon General and The CDC

COVID-19 Updates and Ways to Help Yourself and Others


April 9, 2020

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