COVID-19 Updates and Ways to Help Yourself and Others

COVID-19  (Novel Coronavirus)

Updates and Notices 

Breaking News: Coronavirus government response CDC now advising Americans wear non-medical masks

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Why you must act now – Public leaders & health officials: The only thing that matters right now is the speed of your response.


Coronavirus: The Solution Is Becoming Clear

Welcome to the Million Mask Challenge Virginia/DC/Maryland! A group of craftivists helping to organize the effort to make facemasks to protect healthcare providers and others fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Their facebook page is a good place to seek help and discuss this effort.

I lived in Japan for a long time and don’t need to be convinced about the effectiveness of keeping one’s emissions to oneself.

wear a mask

Wear a mask! It doesn’t have to be N-95 to protect others from you.


Grow Food For Tomorrow


Tracking COVID-19: Cases = Then 100 (1/9/20) – 307,000 (3/21/20) – 439,000 (3/25/20) – 786,000 (3/30/20) – 1,088,000 (4/3/20) Learn and Prepare

Listen to the Doctors

#solidarityat8 At 8:00PM tonight and every night go on your balcony, open your windows and cheer for the healthcare workers on the front lines of this pandemic.  

Join a Community Supported agriculture venture. It’s better than issuarance.

ER Wait Times

March 31, 2020

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