Robotics Tsunami

Robotics Advancement

The Robotics Advancement Is Here

Dr. Michio Kaku begins The Physics of the Future with a tale of interconnected technology where the home literally comes to life. Or at least it seems that with the seamless interactions that occur between home and home owner. Like asking Siri for information today only deeper if you can image. It is a place that allows for work in a dangerous place to be provided from home. The character of this intro story is called on to go to work and save a badly damaged bridge. Yet he calls on robots from his home to do the work. Such work  in the future is far too dangerous for a human to attempt to prepare. The day is saved and he goes out on a date after consulting with his home for dinner reservations and a surprise.

Lovely, yes and is to some extent occurring on a daily basis. Think of drone strikes in a far off country and then remember the pilot is probably in the States.  

So the future is here and it is time to learn and adapt. Get skilled at ways to become knowledgeable. No one living with the access to information available today can say they did not know change was coming.

Swept Under by Robotics Advancement

I recently watched a Frontline depicting the disappointment of those left behind from changes in recent history. They chose to stay or had no choice and no chance to catch the wave of the tsunami that struck. When waves come you get out of the way or you get wet. There is no clear path but there are clear goals such as mapping the human brain. The current Robotics Advancement research and development are swiftly creating new opportunities. 

Think how common air travel is today with millions and millions of passengers flying to all points of the globe. The first human flew a hundred and four years ago. Today millions fly. The possibilities accumulate. They require basic research as all innovative changes until robots are ubiquitous to our world. Combined with mobile technology and the World Wide Web the lives of those who can afford it will thrive. Much as they do with the phone and connectivity today. The promises of longer, healthier, and possibly happier lives do seem in reach. What happens to those who cannot afford to fit in the same future? Will the technology be there to bring an end to want? 

Robotics Advancement

Robotics Advancement and artificial intelligence research are not deniable. There are several examples but they are sometimes just news items. Here is a short list of the intelligence around you today that you might not have even noticed. News generation, credit surveillance, Amazon – that was easy, customer support, purchase prediction. Combine such intelligence which improves and improves at an exponential rate with the mechanical means for maneuvering anywhere. In the air, In space, in the oceans and seas. Big, little and small they will come they will improve and they will stay. If you didn’t before you know now a tsunami is on it’s way. Get your board ready.

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, bestselling author, acclaimed public speaker, renowned futurist, and popularizer of science. He brings the future to life best. At least for me. More about him and his books later. 

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