How To Understand Machine Intelligence And The Companies That Make It

The direction of Machine Intelligence is up

Current State of Machine Intelligence

My service is to provide analysis on the companies researching and developing machine intelligence. I research companies in Japan and America that have potential to work in machine intelligence development together. First it is necessary to understand the landscape and categorize where and how machine intelligence is currently deployed.

I have been researching the O’Reilly AI Conference and their resources page led me to Artificial Intelligence Now. A fascinating introduction to the current state of Artificial Intelligence and right away I learned the AI business landscape from Shivon Zilis and James Chan Their chart is a great place to start studying where Machine Intelligence is at work in our world.

Prior to the information provided by  Shivon Zilis and James Chan I read Here are 50 Companies Leading the AI Revolution provided by Forbes magazine. The map show where the largest amounts of money are being invested in AI. It will be interesting to see where and how the Forbes list matches the report on the State of Machine Intelligence.

Machine Intelligence and the AI Spectrum

In How To Define The Artificial Intelligence Spectrum And Understand This Website I write about length of the path from Applied AI to General AI and that most of the work we see today is on the far left at the Applied AI phase. As I go through the maps of the current state of Machine Intelligence I will analyze the companies listed to see where exactly they fit in the spectrum for the time being.

Some key points include where investments come from and whether or not they actually result in losses or profits. Most companies to be researched are in the start up phase. Investments will come and go in tune with market sentiments. Large investments do not necessarily imply large returns and the companies listed on the maps will change with time. Key players in these companies will also greatly impact where and how long the companies stay in business. Some analysis of the careers and track records of those involved will help indicate future prospects.

Analyzing Machine Intelligence Businesses

I will consider the Valuation and Discount Factors, Company Analysis, and Financial Statements of the companies I research. I will map Japanese companies that are part of the Machine Intelligence landscape. Though some may not be listed in the previously described materials. The aim of this endeavor is to begin AI documentation as a way to new work and living. If I am not an active part of the AI future I will be swept over by it. It will also serve my larger goal of strengthening links to Japan and provide for opportunity to be an expert in Machine Intelligence for Japanese and American companies.


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