Be Positive and Make Good Things Happen

Be Positive and make good things happen

Welcome to the introduction of Be positive and make good things happen 

Secret 1 of 5 Career Hacking Secrets For College Students Without A Plan

It shouldn’t be a secret that you have to be positive and make good things happen for your career to be successful. A success which is defined and accepted by you and in your mind because that is the only mind that matters. Realistically, it isn’t a secret everybody kind of knows this but it is not something that can just be taken lightly. It’s serious. You’re serious. That’s why you must be reading this. You’re trying to to get what you want but its hard. There’s no clear-cut path and that entices you even more. But how do we really teach each other to make the most of our time on this rock?

How can we be positive or why should we even bother?

We know that belief in tomorrow and the potential it has for good things to come is what has driven humans to achieve to the point where we now are learning to understand and possibly control to some degree the resources of the earth to further human civilization.

You may wonder what positive thinking has to do with the career planning

My simple answer is it has everything to do with it. There’s going to be enough times throughout your planning and execution of your career that others and circumstances will present you with challenges designed to make you stop. However, in order to stay healthy wealthy and wise, you must persevere. Positive thinking is how I’ve been persevering. You’re going to need support and that support comes first and foremost from you and your mind.

The only people you should take advice from.

Is from those who are better experienced in a subject and you look up to them for that advice. You don’t want advice on living in a foreign country from someone who does not have a passport or is adverse to speaking other languages. You don’t want advice about law school from someone who never went to college. 

What does “be positive” really mean?

Positive for who? You? Me? Because it sounds better than negative thinking? Maybe you know the Four Noble Truths and rather than succumb to the suffering endured in life you strive for ways to deal with it. Having a smile feels good. When the sun shines it’s usually lots better than rain. Be positive and make good things happen.

Positive thinking came to me by accident in a bar in Key West but I didn’t think I would need it. Almost immediately. Talk about timing. Positive thinking became popularized through the media after World War 2 when people like Billy Graham, Earl Nightingale and others took to the airwaves. Into the homes of Americans who had good times to look forward to they went. Although it would not be easy getting there. They knew it was imperative that we did make progress.

Being positive about oneself in any situation

is what Norman Vincent Peale an American minister from the mid 20th century imparted on his listeners. He had a grand following and it fit in with the Dale Carnegie approach to being positive about the possible outcomes from meeting new people. Peale had some ten rules for fixing one’s inner being in the hopes that what came to the outside was real and accepted and hopeful and grateful. They dealt with repeating healthy sayings to yourself over and over and giving praise to God while doing so. Norman was on to something.

Positive thinking and keeping an eye on the future to make things better is certainly not confined to the 20th century. One of the books that struck me most then second time I read it was a biography of Benjamin Franklin. I think I had to read the Autobiography of Ben Franklin when I was in elementary school. But I dazed through the 13 virtues. I mean I was too young for lessons in how to handle alcohol, sex, conversations and being humble. When I read The First American I really took to the 13 virtues. I was older and married with children. Looking to set a good example I set out to practice the 13 virtues by transcribing them to a spreadsheet and posting them on a wall. I kept track during the time when I was planning to return to the US in 2003. It was a year and a half journey and the virtues helped me to keep focus.

Benjamin Franklin initially created a 12 step plan for personal development. When informed that he needed to add humility he humbly agreed. To practice the Thirteen Virtues begin in the order presented or choose your own. You will practice that virtue for the first week. It was convenient for the increase to Thirteen Virtues because the program could be conducted four times in the course of a year. I present to you Benjamin Franklin’s One Year Life Makeover Program.

The 13 Virtues CheatSheet

Give it a try and use the honor system to mark any space that you might have veered from the intent of the virtue for that day.
Good habit formation begins with accountability and tracking. Be positive and make good things happen.

I’ll go even further and start today August 4, 2018 I will begin tracking and keeping account of my actions as well. Will I or can I make it through four cycles? Let’s how week one goes. Brand new self-challenge starting right now. Uugghh. Well, at least it will be a good self-assessment. I will post weekly on progress and you can drop a line to share your experience with the virtue of the week.

What are the advantages to being positive and making good things happens?

Something Peale said goes like this “The mind controls how the body feels; letting go of negative energy and emotions will give infinite energy through God.” Something with that much potential certainly requires a bit more investigation.

Why is it important to be positive and make good things happen?

Because you are a miracle that’s why. Think about it. You’re just the result of a random set of circumstances that just coincidentally happened to plead itself in the formation of you. You and amongst all of that you have the ability to read these posts and understand and communicate with other people. And you know if you’ve been paying attention that we just happened to be in a Goldilocks kind of situation where we’re on the right Rock which is the right distance from the right star at the right time in its existence.

You also know that there will be just two dates on your tombstone that really matter to other people. What will matter to you is what happens in between those dates and the only way you’re going to be able to leave something remarkable is by being positive and making good things happen. If you need more motivation visit some folks in a nearby elder care facility. Listen to what the residents say about how they spent their youth and if they have regrets for not doing something good.

How can you learn new habits and behavior patterns that will help you be positive and make good things happen?

5 Career Hacking Secrets For College students Without A Plan begins with Secret 1: Be Positive and Make Good Things Happen. I present Secret 1 in the format of 5 modules with 6 lessons for each. The 6 lessons consist of module background info, personal stories, implementation strategies, and practice.

If you are searching for ways to be more positive about yourself, your prospects and those of the world around you then you have come to the right place. If you seek ways to do good things for you and others then this post is for you. By the end of this reading, you will have two clear takeaways to practice and enjoy for just those very things. These secrets have helped me to succeed and I want to share them with you.

This course is designed to aid and advance your career development. I have put this together because I want to share my success with you and help you achieve your best career endeavors.

You don’t need to be a college student to use 5 Career Hacking Secrets For College Students without a plan. The lessons in the course can be used by anyone looking to make some positive impact on their lives and others they wish to help. With a particular emphasis on career development and enjoyment.

Positive thinking began my journey to the life I live. Several years ago I published Three Things To Do For  A Better Life. I offer it to you here for free. Thanks for being here to read this.

That is why I start the series with “be positive and make good things happen”. From time to time in your life, you will have to take new steps and be bold and being positive about that just makes damn good sense. Let alone that scientific research has accumulated evidence citing that positive habit formation is more successful when accountability and tracking are added to the equation. Data. It’s usable for good things and there’s more I will presenting about that later.

When you think positively and help others to find ways to make things better you are keeping the world and our future bright. Such work is well-regarded for health, wealth and knowledge creation.

Here is the outline for Be Positive and Make Good Things Happen. All modules have 6 components

  1. Secret I. Be Positive and Make Good Things Happen
  2. Module 1. Positive thinking transcends space and time
  3. a. How positive thinking change people and their lives
  4. b. How to train your brain for success and support
  5. c. 3 easy ways to feel great
  6. d. Examples through life
  7. e Clear the way with your mind
  8. f. Practice and results evaluation
  9. Module 2. How to be grateful.
    Module 3. Make Good Things Happen with 3 Steps – Curiosity – Research – Action
    Module 4. The Power of Prayer
    Module 5. The Power of Exercise and Good Health

Here are some ways you can get introduced to Secret 1 of 5 Career Hacking Secrets For College Students Without A Plan. I presented the Thirteen Virtues and Three Things To Do For A Better Life earlier and here is another takeaway. If you like what you have been reading then stay tuned for the next post; Positive Thinking Transcends Space and Time. More take aways to follow as well

Take away

7 Ways to Practice Positivity and Optimism Every Day


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