2 Amazing Examples of Artificial Music – A Witty Introduction

artificial music

Articial Music and The Association

The Association does not play Artificial Music. Here they are with a dandy from 1966. Along Comes Mary

This is a witty introduction to a serious issue. Is our society overwhelmed by machines to the point that we must combat any further encroachment? That was a question The Association attempted to answer on the Smothers Brothers show in 1966. Their response to a society experiencing an influx of machines was to create their own human machine designed to produce sounds that surpassed the capabilities of machines. The not Artificial Music machine consisted of a drummer, 2 rhythm guitarists, a tambourinist, a singer and a flutist. Together they form The Association capable of making sounds that can make humans feel good.

The Artificial Music Machine

This “machine” is a forerunner of the silicone based entities that are making humans feel today. For example, Jukedeck provides the Artificial Music that The Association set out to confront. Jukedeck makes music with artificial intelligence. Someday and possibly someday soon it will own the artificial intelligence that makes the artificial music. Jukedeck trains deep neural networks to understand how to create music. Here is a thought to consider. Let’s take the best My Morning Jacket song and pick out the notes that heighten humans and then teach a machine to do that. Writing the algorythm would not be formdiable with practice. Based in London England Jukedeck aims to transform how music is distributed and manipulated. Jukedeck provides a service that permits consumers to personalize their music. Choosing allows for choice of machine over human produced music in the future. Intersted? You gotta check this out. http://blog.jukedeck.com/ 

The Association sets a very high bar for that “I got You!” feeling. How can Jukedeck think of that? What do you think of Jukedeck and their potential?

Sony Flow Machines

Sony has maded advanceds in Artificial Music with its Flow Machines software which creates music tracks. It has a database of songs to learn from and is able to combines and synthesize combinations toward an end result. Like this clip of a possible Beatles imitation song called Daddy’s Car

Another example of Artificial Music is Mr. Shadow

This Artificial Music begins as a funky cowboy (could be the image) intro and then degrades to a nauseous I hope it ends soon feeling. And it does. End soon.  But I’m not kicking sand. How Flow Machines how it got to do even that amazes me. They tell you all about it andit is a good start for me to be compiling data on these things. 

I note that the Artificial Music depicted here was not created by artificial intelligence. It was humans who had to intervene and provide the lyrics and arrange the order. How long will this order be maintained?  Personally a prefer The Asoociation machine for now. 

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