Why I Prep And You Should Too

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Today I’m doing this Dr. John Campbell style. I’m lousy at this method and nowhere near as good as him. Forgive me as I stumble through but I hope you enjoy. I’m prepper 21 and I’m prepping to thrive in the 21st century. At https://tonyteolis.com You can learn more and join the journey.

Why I Prepare

I prep because of my past experiences and future expectations. I prep to put food on the table and to help others. I prep to survive and thrive and make it to the big picture. My first memory was Neil Armstrong landing on the moon in 1969 and I prep for the possibilities and opportunities that opened. I’m a veteran, a university graduate, I lived in Japan for a long time, and I have been at the National Science Foundation for the past 17 years.

I have learned to focus and distinguish between probable possible and preferred futures. I’ve learned that preferred futures come with responsibilities.


There are three types of civilizations. Earth hasn’t even made it to type ONE yet. Earth is a type ZERO “0” Civilization. My quest is to contribute and help humanity get to a Type 1 Civilization through human design and values leading intelligent and autonomous machines.

In the meantime

Prepping never ends Prepping is practical and empowering Prepping is LOVE. Prepare Water, shelter, food, health, and security and from there you can prepare to thrive in the future. Please Like, Subscribe, and hit the Bell to get the latest. 

Welcome and Learn to thrive through the challenges of the 21st century. How will you get there? What will you be producing? Be more productive, it’s fun. Join the community of experts for not only surviving but thriving during the 21st Century. This is your time to make a difference for you and yours. if you don’t plan your life it will be planned for you. The same goes for your garden or lack thereof.

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