Prepping and Survival Plans for Change and Trends

You are my intent today. It is to explain the actions and successes I have along the way as this process goes along and share and have you share and see what we’re doing to maintain that the things that happen to us are intentional by us.
My response and planning processes
Preferred Future Planning – Working to Become The Change I Want To See
The goal is to be more open and available to assist others, make new friends, and grow a community.
Be 150% more productive by 2030
Lots of big scary ideas out there. But they’ve been around for a while. These are the things that I need to focus on in order to prep, Survive and thrive through these 2020’s and end the decade on a positive note. Free and liberated.
Did you know that in 2028…?

With your support I will be funding efforts to produce food for others. As the effort grows more productive space will be used for instruction and a variety of materials on this site for all to use.

  • Be more open and available to assist others, make new friends, and Community
  • Coaching/Consulting for AI Ethics and Tools, Gardening and Career Development, Gardening and Planning for Change and Trends
  • Be 150% more productive by 2030
  • Helpful and productive gardening community online and in my local area
    • Productive community markets with fish, fowl, fauna, flora, food
  • Work towards human centered ethical design in Intelligent and Autonomous Machines
    • Research and Development of ethical tools for Intelligent and Autonomous Machines
    • Robot Repair, Drone Defense

ToDoListHome LLC is the holding company for all financial transactions. Thank you for your considerate support.


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Welcome and Learn to thrive through the challenges of the 21st century. How will you get there? What will you be producing? Be more productive, it’s fun. Join the community of experts for not only surviving but thriving during the 21st Century. This is your time to make a difference for you and yours. if you don’t plan your life it will be planned for you. The same goes for your garden or lack thereof.


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February 2, 2021

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