Driving Trends

This is a bit of a dive into what drives the Prepper21 YouTube channel and all on this site. I aim to share with you some ideas for focusing on change and how to prepare. 

You need to align yourself to goals and actions to stay ahead of the trends or risk getting run over by them. My plan is to build local community-supported production of food and ensure human values lead the ethical design of machines. The tools I use are the 12 Permaculture Principles and AI VOUCH.

The following is how I perceive trends and what I prepare for as the 2020s get underway. The Information presented here is the result of painstaking research and experience. There is a race for inventory and control of everything. It will not be printed in the news like that but the entities that control all the inventory or all of the information on everything known in existence have the potential to control all future progress. Not just for humanity but for everything else within grasp. If you choose to accept that as a threat to prepare for as I have then you are encouraged to read further. Inventory and control of everything also includes your thoughts!

Big Trends 1990 – 1999

1990 trendsDo-Gooders fixing the World
Iraq, Yugoslavia, USSR breakup, Japan, China
UN Agenda for the 21st Century
sustainable development
Internet Boom
e-Commerce bubble

I was swept up by these trends initially and saw with my own eyes what the do-gooders were up to. I spent years overseas in a variety of work capacities. I studied supply chain management and at one point was an expert on the apparel supply chain. The 1990s began with computer use and exposure to different programming languages and by 1999 I was managing international communications and data storage for multinational corporations in Japan and Singapore.

Big Trends 2000-2009

2000 trends

Market exuberance
Housing, e-Comm, Equities
High-Speed Internet
Resource wars begin
20 years and counting

I  began 2000 by managing a variety of programs for big banks in Tokyo and moved back to the USA in 2003. We kept our heads low and cash close during the housing boom for six years. It was fun and challenging refusing the Blue pill each time we were tempted. Website, blogs, social media, and documenting progress became a hobby. I became educated on money and studied the food supply chain in detail. 

Big Trends 2010-2019

Trends 2010

In 2009 we bought a first home much later in life than normal but at a discount. We became more aware of food production and began gardening which was quite unconventional for our community. Little by little as we learned gardening we gained insight into the risks around us for maintaining what little we had. It became time to forgo thoughts of escape retirement and focus on what the world needs. That’s LOVE. Time and dedication to give more to what is a Tsunami of change brought on by Big Data and Automation.

Natural Trends Through 2030

Humanity Trends Through 2030

Technology Trends Through 2030

My plan is to build local community-supported production of food, flora, and fauna, and ensure human values lead the ethical design of machines. The tools I use are the 12 Permaculture Principles and AI VOUCH.

AI VouchGrow your garden
Together we can master local community level production and distribution of essentials. Local production of water, shelter, food, health, securit, psychological support and self fulfillment is possible if we dare to imagine it.   

What will you do?

Stop – Close your eyes. It’s December 2030. All of the trends presented here have come to pass. Where do you fit in?

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Welcome and Learn to thrive through the challenges of the 21st century. How will you get there? What will you be producing? Be more productive, it’s fun. Join the community of experts for not only surviving but thriving during the 21st Century. This is your time to make a difference for you and yours. if you don’t plan your life it will be planned for you. The same goes for your garden or lack thereof.


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