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Learn ways to be more positive about yourself, your prospects and those of the world around you. Learn ways to do good things for you and others.

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5 Career Hacking Secrets

5 Career hacking secrets for college students

I created 5 Career Hacking Secrets For College because I know what it is like to be confronted with a variety of challenges I want to help you make good things happen with your career. My skill for making futures real is no secret but how I have used a variety of technology and techniques has not been revealed until now. 5 Career Hacking Secrets will add confidence to your decisions. Smart use of technology that allows for preferred future identification, planning and setting a course will eliminate apprehension about the future and who you will become.

Be Positive About The Future

Be Positive About The Future

Stay informed. Be aware of what is going on and find a way to help and have fun. Anyone paying attention today will know that Artificial Intelligence is going to be a part of the future.

 Learn New Things

Learn more about you

Whatever opinion you have of the world and how you fit into it is limited by your environment and interests. The choice to learn new things and meet new people is the best you can make to thrive.

Share With Others

  Help others along the way

The best things in life are free. Give back to others and grow as a community. Sharing knowledge, documenting experiences and leaving your legacy for all to see has a great purpose for projecting ourselves forward.

5 Career Hacking Secrets

They revealed themselves over time and they all have the same themes.

Hidden talents are important to find

Create opportunities that will catapult value

Technology offers incredible tools most people never heard of

Don’t spend more than you earn, don’t overprice yourself, and stay productive

5 Career Hacking Secrets

Secret I. Be positive and make good things happen

Module 1. Positive thinking transcends space and time

Module 2. How to be grateful

Module 3. Make Good Things Happen with 3 Steps – Curiosity – Research – Action

Module 4. The Power of Prayer

Module 5. The Power of Exercise and Good Health

Secret II Visualize your career

Module 1. What’s the really cool thing/s you want to to do to help other people?

Module 2. Review of resume/ Online marketing profile

Module 3. If you can teach English you travel the world.

Module 4. Practice your career

Module 5. Learn to sell what you want to do or know and you will become an expert

Secret III. Plan Your Career and Meet New People

Module 1. You don’t have to worry anymore about not being prepared

Module 2. Plan your career like a project

Module 3. The power of mind mapping

Module 4. Execute your plan

Module 5. Networking that works

Secret IV. Manage and Grow your career

Module 1. AI in recruiting today

Module 2. AI tools for the entrepreneur

Module 3. Giving to your network

Module 4. Networking your career goals

Module 5. Presenting your best self

Secret V. Enjoy your career and help others

Module 1. Defining Mastery

Module 2. Pay it back is also Pay it forward

Module 3. Find a fortune by helping others

Module 4. Document your legacy

Module 5. How to prevent having regrets

What makes 5 Career Hacking Secrets For College Students and Professionals different?

Above all, others talk of career hacking secrets but my 30 Years of Experience combined with technology will help you achieve your Career goals.

Smart use of the technology that allows for preferred future identification, planning and setting a course.

I have over 30 years of experience making good things happen.

I want to help you make good things happen.

What is covered?

Feel confident that the career choices you make are the best for you

Career planning complete with tools, processes, templates and your vision

Use career development as a tool for helping you make better choices

Career development goals and a career development plan that you can use

No more guessing because you work through the logical and creative steps to changing careers

This is a partnership with my experience and technology to give you greater results in less time



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