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So I have decided that the way forward with indoor gardening for the greens I like has to be Flood and Drain hydroponics setup. I have to be away and can’t count on the watering getting done so at least I dont have much more than about 50 plants. That includes two trays of arugula, kale, lettuce and 15 flower, tomato, pepper starts.

This fella’s video captures the best of months of research I have done for deciding on an indoor system. I need greens year round. I’m tired of store-bought faux goodness. Is it making a difference? We’ll see with a physical and blood test.

To get the kit I promised I would make the cost with eBay sales. So my phone comes in handy for that. eBay sales mostly cover web costs so I hope to get more pics in before I have the time to set them up. The more I can be carefree with growing greens the more time I can put here. My yard is almost programmable. Almost. I plan to map it and make it an ap for easy tracking and attention where needed.

But much labor is required first. Need tons of mulch, potting soil and that should be it besides kit equipment. Again I would like to have the cost covered by eBay sales. Fun stuff.

Tough Mudder Virginia 2018 is my fourth. It’s 65 and a wake up away and I think I am just getting into training shape. It’s been a haul the last two years with a hernia, microdiscectomy and alternating shoulder hurts like a son of a gun. But discipline at 52 can be found. I can make tons of excuses and the greens help my body train. Going through Day 20 of Arnold’s cut routine. I throw in 15 minute stretch, 15 minute warm up, 15 minute core/abs training, 30-45 minutes lifting, uphill sprints and such. Off days I turn the woods into my gym.

Great Training Guide Here

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