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Several years ago I published Three Things To Do For A Better Life. I offer it to you here for free. Thanks for being here to read this.Three-Things-To-Do-For-A-Better-Life

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How To Move Up and Along In A Career

Things have come a long way or at least it tseems since TTTDFABL. The career as well and now I can offer advice from success. Career Hacking Secrets That Work is an offer of experience and knowledge that can save you time and money.



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Positive thinking and keeping an eye on the future to make things better is certainly not confined to the 20th century. One of the books that struck me most then second time I read it was a biography of Benjamin Franklin. I think I had to read the Autobiography of Ben Franklin when I was in elementary school. But I dazed through the 13 virtues. I mean I was too young for lessons in how to handle alcohol, sex, conversations and being humble. When I read The First American I really took to the 13 virtues. I was older and married with children. Looking to set a good example I set out to practice the 13 virtues by transcribing them to a spreadsheet and posting them on a wall. I kept track during the time when I was planning to return to the US in 2003. It was a year and a half journey and the virtues helped me to keep focus.

Benjamin Franklin initially created a 12 step plan for personal development. When informed that he needed to add humility he humbly agreed. To practice the Thirteen Virtues begin in the order presented or choose your own. You will practice that virtue for the first week. It was convenient for the increase to Thirteen Virtues because the program could be conducted four times in the course of a year. I present to you Benjamin Franklin’s One Year Life Makeover Program.

The 13 Virtues CheatSheet

The 4 Hour Work Week Career Profiles