I Teach College Students and People in different stages of their careers how to grow and exceed their expectations


Be Positive make good things happen

Learn ways to be more positive about yourself, your prospects and those of the world around you. Learn ways to do good things for you and others.

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5 Career Hacking Secrets For College Students and People Seeking To Advance consists of the 5 Secrets each presented in a 5 module course with 6 lessons for each course. Here they are!

Secret I. Be positive and make good things happen
Module 1. Positive thinking transcends space and time
Module 2. How to be grateful
Module 3. Make Good Things Happen with 3 Steps – Curiosity – Research – Action
Module 4. The Power of Prayer
Module 5. The Power of Exercise and Good Health

Secret II Visualize your career
Module 1. What’s the really cool thing/s you want to to do to help other people?
Module 2. Review of resume/ Online marketing profile
Module 3. If you can teach English you can travel the world.
Module 4. Practice your career
Module 5. Learn to sell what you want to do and you will become an expert

Secret III. Plan Your Career and Meet New People
Module 1. You don’t have to worry anymore about not being prepared
Module 2. Plan your career as a project
Module 3. The power of mind mapping
Module 4. Execute your plan
Module 5. Networking that works

Secret IV. Manage and Grow your career
Module 1. AI in recruiting today
Module 2. AI tools for the entrepreneur
Module 3. Giving to your network
Module 4. Networking your career goals
Module 5. Presenting your best self

Secret V. Enjoy your career and help others
Module 1. Defining Mastery
Module 2. Pay it back is also Pay it forward
Module 3. Find a fortune by helping others
Module 4. Document your legacy
Module 5. How to prevent having regrets